The Most Efficient Method to Find a Bondsman That You Can Trust

The bondsmen are actually agents that will help a person get a loan so that he can pay the bail for a defendant in the court of law. This agent will get you the same service that a bank might offer. The thing is that banks will not provide such a loan easily because of liability issues. This business regarding bail bonds is actually based on multiple agents that represent the company. They are quite known in the US and in this is a particular job for this country. In most countries of the world the bounty hunting that may go hand in hand with the job of bondsman is illegal and can be considered to be kidnapping.


Job insight
Since 1898 the bonds agent profession seems to have thrived in the US. The McDonough was the family which started the business in San Francisco. The bondsman establishes a type of legal agreement with the court and releases a check that will pay the bail. If the defendant fails to be in the court at the set date, the state has the right to cash in the check. Normally the bondsmen have agreements with various financial institutions that allow the funds withdrawals outside the regular operating hours. In most cases, these agents have got to have a certain agreement with the state and the required certifications in order to work in a legal way.

Selection strategy
There are various law orders that regulate this job and it is different from one state to the next. Usually the bond agent will take a 10 to 15 percent of the bail sum as a fee. In some states there is a minimum fee that has to be paid regardless of the sum of money. If the bail amount is consistent, the agent is entitles to take some collaterals. This will secure the bond and will give him the certainty that the defendant will go to court on the assigned date. Some states try to get rid of the need of a bonds agent by allowing the defendant to deposit that 10% directly to the legal court. Anyhow when you select a bondsman you have to make sure that he is licensed and that he has a good record of cases. The company has to be reputable and this is the only way to make sure that you will not be tricked.


It is clear that being in jail will certainly hinder your life and you can actually lose your day job if you stay there too much. On the other hand, hiring a bond agent may be your only way if you do not have the necessary means to pay your own bail. This will make sure that you resume your life until the court decides if you are guilty or not. In many cases the defendant is not guilty and the time spent in jail could hinder his life. Therefore the option of a bail seems to be the one which is totally acceptable.


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